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The Future Eve

The Future Eve

Takaaki Han-ya & Th

Takaaki Han-ya has a unique sense of originality and his mix was the most distinctive.
The work we did was unpublished for a long time,
but now we have almost four albums of important work.

In 1998, we asked Robert Wyatt to collaborate with us for the first time.
Although we were utterly unknown to the world and far away from him,
he agreed and sent us in Japan a piece of music that was to become our source music.
He has been keeping watch on the development of the piece
and illuminating our path since the initial completion of our work.

Our work is completely non-commercial and we hope that you will listen to each work
with concentration and in good quality sound.
We will write about the materials relevant to our work in detail on this homepage,
as we regard the history of the work important to the understanding of what we do.

The Future Eve homepage will be coming in 2015,
and it too will provide music downloads of all of our work.