Robert Wyatt

Summer 2013

towards the end of the 20th century, Tomoyasu sent me a message asking something like;
“do you have any piece of new material we could work on”—–?
I did have. Brian the Fox was an un-placed,
un-worked basic idea I had.
unusual for me in that it had no strict tempo, and the words were an attempt to write a text even shorter than a Haiku!
(I just recorded it directly onto tape at home, on cassette, no ‘production’.)
the music ending was improvised – the delay before the final chords was me trying to choose the final few chords…
I sent this to Tomoyasu and Tomoko.
they have enhanced the idea beautifully.



2013年 夏

素材はあった。Brian the Foxだ。宙に浮いていてまだ手の入っていない、ベーシックなアイデアのままだった。


Photo Th